Paint and Blast

Using our 400 m2 Paint and Blast shed, we can provide a single service such as Abrasive Blast and Protective coating or complete the work from start to finish.

Abrasive Blasting (Sandblasting) is the use of highly compressed air and an abrasive agent (steel grit, sand, powdered abrasive) that when projected onto an object at high force it literally “blasts away” any paint, dirt or contaminates from the surface. This preparation allows for a better application of the protective coating and paint. The enclosed workshop allows our blasters and painters to work in a controlled environment limiting the chances of defects getting into the finished product.

The large work space means we are capable of painting anything from large scale mining plant right down to small components. We can strip, paint and fit decals for clients internally minimizing their costs. We only use the highest quality paint, which keeps your freshly painted asset shining for longer and protects against rust and fade.

  • Mobile Plant
  • Components
  • Mobile and Tower Crane parts
  • Containers
  • Waste receptacles

We have a mobile blast truck so we can come to you for any blasting work.