Fire Suppression Installation

Mining Maintenance Solutions Australia is an approved installer & supplier of the JSG Muster II Fire Suppression System.

The Muster II is state of the art and the latest generation fire suppression system. MusterWire uses Linear Heat Detection for fire sensing. The electrical wire can run throughout the engine bay, gear box, cable harness and other areas of high risk and it ensures a reliable fire suppression system by monitoring and reacting when exposed to high heat.

MusterWire activates at 180°C when the outer layers melt causing the twin conductor cores of the cable to touch. This sends a signal directly back to the Alarm panel instantly, giving the operator precious time to react.

Once the system is installed we’ll send you a full report including testing results and a detailed risk assessment. This report and system that is supplied to our clients is 100% complaint with Australian Standard AS 5062.